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We help you to provide the highest quality services that satisfiess your customers.

Our vision

Our vision

To be a pioneer in the fields of providing business services In the Middle East and North Africa.

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Cloud Call Center

The Cloud system provides call centers with easye entry and flexibility in interaction. Despite being characterized by higher levels of security, dealing with it is smooth and easy for the employees in charge. It also enables company's employees to receive their work, and enables supervisors as well as administrators to follow their work from their home or anyplace in the world while making sure to maintain a comprehensive monitoring and control on work and phone calls.

The living monitor screen:

For direct management and control of communications (fop call center) is the ideal system for monitoring and controlling live and direct calls as required during the process of call activation and not through its completion and archiving? It also enables the operator to follow up the all types of communications ever since they start and to monitor the starting and finishing working hours and the time allocated for rest for employees remotely in a precise and vivid manner.

Operating call center remotely

This juncture is considered to be the nerve of service and the cornerstone that constitutes the spirit of the establishment and its main interface that directly touches its customers as the team is formed from a distinguished professional cadre who was trained to implement the most important business plans and the strategies of success in communicating with all customer models and designs to provide the ideal adaptation to the requirements and vision of the facility in achieving its goals and pleasing its customers.

call center administration

The technical background of the call center has it all as it saves all incoming, outgoing and received calls accurately and allows to return to a specific call at any date and time at the required moment with the submission of an infinite number of periodic reports from daily, monthly.... etc. to help in developing the business of the establishment and upgrade its services and determine /decide the peak, weak and seasonal times accurately and quickly with full detailed data.

Customer Relationship? Ticketing? Management (CRM):

Your official and reliable tool in securing and maintaining a huge base of customer data and archiving all communication operations, inquiries, complaints and all the evaluations received by customers, which are built in a way that totally complies with the requirements, branches and services of the facility and its nature.

manage Social media and promotional marketing

This service is considered as one of the most important electronic marketing tools and the most widespread and easy access to the hands of customers and logging in to their diaries and the nature of their daily lives through useful and attractive content that ensures a fast and successful interaction with the target customer and promotes the popularity of the company name and its services within the daily events in society as a whole.